A late Good Evening! - Today was: Tuesday, 17 May 2022 23:37:51 NZST
Current: 15.0°C, Max: 19.9°C, Min: 14.1°C
FORECAST: Mostly cloudy. Low 14C. Winds NW at 10 to 15 km/h. It feels like 16.2°C. 2 clothing layers recommended.
Station Forecast: Fairly fine, improving | Sunrise: 07:18 | Sunset: 17:10 | Dawn: 06:49 | Dusk: 17:39
Weather Forecast
Temperature : Current trend is Falling, changing by -0.5 °C/hr  15.0°C, 97%   Pressure : Current trend is Rising, changing by 0.6 hPa/hr  1011.6hPa
Based upon today's weather there is a Low Fire Danger (restrictions may apply)
Fire Danger
Wind Speed :  NW  Current wind speed is Light air (F1) from NW (305°) 1km/h   Wind Gust : Current trend is Steady 4km/h
Air Quality :  0 AQI  0ug/m3   Rainfall : Current trend is Steady 8.2mm
Sun Light : 0Lux, 1.2hrs   Solar UV :  0.0UVI  0W/m2
Last weather station contact: Tuesday, 17 May 2022 at 23:37:22. Updated in seconds

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M.S.A Development
Web Design | Software Development | Hardware Development | Social Media

Electronics technology and Computer Engineering are subjects I have been interested in and passionate about for my whole life. As a graduate of The National Diploma in Engineering (Electronics and Computers) and a Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology, both in an applied nature, I am ready to hit the ground running in a career that will hopefully reflect both of these passions.

With a wide knowledge base of programming languages, hardware technologies and many different skill sets, I will offer a fantastic package for your next project.

From small single web pages through to multi-tier websites with live data, they can all be developed with your desired end result being the main focus. A focus which will also help build functional and well designed website.

Alternatively would you rather be able to promote yourself on social media like Facebook or Twitter with automatic updates? M.S.A Development can cater towards developing easy methods for you to get your message out.

What about a software or hardware project to make your everyday activities easier? This can also be look by developing an object orientated computer software program or electronic hardware device which can be easy to use and help with day to day activities.

  • Software Design and Development
    • C#
    • C/C++
    • .NET
    • Microsoft Visual Studio
    • Object-oriented programming(OOP)
  • Hardware Design and Development
    • Electronic Circuit and Hardware Design
    • Fault Finding
    • AC/DC Circuits
    • Digital/Analogue Systems
    • Embedded Systems and Microprocessor Programming Development
    • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Web Development
    • XHTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • PHP
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • JQuery
    • SQL

The "Palmy Weather" Project - Website
The Palmy Weather project was a great opportunity to work with both of my interests; electronics engineering and computer sciences. It was exciting and challenging to get raw environmental data from outside and translate Palmy Weather Site Examples it through software into a well presented and easy to work with website. In doing this, it provides many different groups of people the information they need which is often very difficult to find. The website has been extensively developed over time to ultimately include PHP coding (replacing heavy use of JavaScripts), dynamic and interactive graphs and fancy gauges. A lot of research has gone into this project, often this has involved studying other hobbyist websites and seeing some interesting features that could be incorporated into the Palmy Weather website.

Social media is also a big part of this project, now inducing updates to Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis, although this may have taken some people away from our original website, we feel that it is better to get the weather data out there to the community than what it is to keep people visiting our original site; this addition has seen a number of new people who would otherwise not be aware of the website, become familiar with it. Easy access to our website has also included a mobile and tablet friendly pages as well. Development will continue into the future as new and exciting developments occur in website technology.

The "Palmy Weather" Project - Hardware
With the off-the-shelf hardware not living up to expectations, it gave a great chance to engineer a homebuilt weather station that would live up to the expectations and gather the required information sort by the users of Palmy Weather. Palmy Weather Hardware Research was done into the different types of technology that was already on the market. A final decision was made to construct an Arduino based weather station. This allowed for diversity where individual components could be purchased and put to use in the project. This allowed "Palmy Weather" to focus on the areas of accuracy they wanted. Also with this type of system, if something was to fail, it is easy to repair or change any of the individual components. With a large battery and solar panel connected to the system, it will never run out of power during winter. Construction from scratch took 2 months to complete which included testing and development time.

Palmy Weather's Receiver The dynamics of this system means that additional systems could be build and scattered around Palmerston North or the greater Manawatū area to report back to the Palmy Weather website at a relatively low cost. This would mean greater accuracy to the site, more weather history and people could find out what is happening in their neighbourhood, not just where the main system is operating from. Sadly as this site is a non-profit site, funds for getting this type of network set up will take a long time.

Get In Touch With Us

Like to know more about M.S.A Development? Feel free contact us through the Palmy Weather contact page.