A very early Good Morning - Today is:
Current: 11.4°C, Max: 12.1°C, Min: 11.4°C
The current forecast is: Rain showers early with some sunshine later in the day. High 17C. Winds WNW at 10 to 15 km/h. Chance of rain 40%. *
Last weather station contact: Wednesday, 27 September 2017 at 01:39:46. Updated in seconds
Station Forecast: Fairly fine, improving | Sunrise: 06:59 | Sunset: 19:19 | Dawn: 06:32 | Dusk: 19:46
Weather Forecast
Temperature : Current trend is Falling, changing by -0.1 °C/hr  11.4°C   Humidity : Current humidity is Very Damp 98%
Based upon today's weather there is a Low Fire Danger (restrictions may apply)
Fire Danger
Pressure : Current trend is Rising slowly, changing by 0.33 hPa/hr  1007.62hPa   Rainfall : Current trend is Steady 0.0mm
Wind Speed :  N  Current wind speed is Calm (F0) from N (0°) 0.0km/h   Wind Gust : Current trend is Steady 0.0km/h
Sun Light : 0Lux, 0.0hrs   Solar UV :  0.0UVI  0W/m2
It feels like 11.7°C. Three clothing layers recommended.There will be 2min 41s more daylight tomorrow.

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Records began on 1 January 2009. Here are the extremes recorded since then.
For a day-by-day or monthly look at the weather since 2009 check out our NOAA Climate Reports

Records Since 1 January 2009
Temperature and Humidity
Highest Temperature New Record35.5 °C at 14:57 on 20 November 2010
Lowest Temperature New Record-3.2 °C at 07:26 on 17 June 2012
Highest Dew Point New Record28.1 °C at 14:03 on 19 February 2017
Lowest Dew Point New Record-29.5 °C at 04:15 on 26 February 2011
Highest Apparent Temperature New Record38.9 °C at 23:49 on 20 November 2010
Lowest Apparent Temperature New Record-23.9 °C at 13:27 on 12 January 2011
Lowest Wind Chill Temperature New Record-19.1 °C at 13:27 on 12 May 2010
Highest Heat Index New Record40.3 °C at 23:49 on 20 November 2010
Highest Minimum New Record21.2 °C at 21:11 on 18 February 2016
Lowest Maximum New Record7.5 °C at 00:00 on 22 June 2013
Highest Humidity New Record100 % at 20:17 on 09 November 2010
Lowest Humidity New Record0 % at 19:39 on 02 July 2016
Highest Daily Range New Record35.6 °C on 17 June 2015
Lowest Daily Range New Record1.1 °C on 09 November 2016
Highest Rain Rate New Record174.0 mm/hr at 18:20 on 04 December 2015
Highest Hourly Rainfall New Record48.9 mm at 11:05 on 24 October 2015
Highest Daily Rainfall New Record91.8 mm on 20 June 2015
Highest Monthly Rainfall New Record427.8 mm August 2015
Longest Dry Period New Record27 days to 04 March 2013
Longest Wet Period New Record16 days to 31 May 2016
Highest Wind Gust New Record116.1 km/h at 12:33 on 27 November 2016
Highest Wind Speed Average New Record58.7 km/h at 13:27 on 24 January 2011
Highest Daily Wind Run New Record3196.3 km on 15 December 2016
Lowest Pressure (sl) New Record976.63 hPa at 03:26 on 21 July 2017
Highest Pressure (sl) New Record1038.44 hPa at 09:55 on 06 June 2016