Good Evening - Today was: Wednesday, 18 July 2018 18:29:14 NZST
Current: 9.9°C, Max: 14.8°C, Min: 6.2°C
FORECAST: Some clouds. Low 7C. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 km/h.
Last weather station contact: Wednesday, 18 July 2018 at 18:27:32. Updated in seconds
Station Forecast: Fairly fine, improving | Sunrise: 07:36 | Sunset: 17:13 | Dawn: 07:06 | Dusk: 17:43
Weather Forecast
Temperature : Current trend is Falling, changing by -1.0 °C/hr  9.9°C, 35%   Pressure : Current trend is Rising slowly, changing by 0.24 hPa/hr  1013.44hPa
Based upon today's weather there is a Low Fire Danger (restrictions may apply)
Fire Danger
Wind Speed :  NNW  Current wind speed is Light breeze (F2) from NNW (327°) 5.8km/h   Wind Gust : Current trend is Rising 17.3km/h
Air Quality :  14 AQI  3.6ug/m3   Rainfall : Current trend is Steady 0.0mm
Sun Light : 0Lux, 5.0hrs   Solar UV :  0.0UVI  0W/m2
It feels like 6.2°C. Four clothing layers recommended.There will be 1min 27s more daylight tomorrow.

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Weather Warnings
No warning No weather station warnings in place at this time.
There are not weather warnings generated by the Palmy Weather weather station in place at this time.
Weather warnings are generated from our weather station based upon pre-set values and not from MetService.
Condensation and small water drops form on grass and other objects near the ground when the temperature has fallen to the dew point. This can turn into frost (ice crystals) when temperature is below freezing. This can cause a slipping hazard on some surfaces.
This weather warning has been generated from our weather station, based upon pre-set values and not from MetService.

Current Weather Conditions as at 18:27 on 18 July 2018 (local time).
The current predicted forecast is: Partly cloudy *
Isobar Map for New Zealand Wellington Rain Radar for New Zealand Satellite Map for New Zealand

Current Temperature & Humidity
9.9 °C  35 %
Temperature Trend   Falling
Temperature Change   -1.0 °C/hr
Day Max/Min   14.8 °C / 6.2 °C

Current Wind Speed Average & Gust
5.8 km/h NNW
Wind Gust   17.3 km/h from NNW (327°)
Beaufort Scale   F2, Light breeze
Day Max/Average   38 km/h / 13 km/h

Current Rain Fall
0.0 mm
Rainfall Last Hour   0.0 mm
Rainfall Rate   0.0 mm/hr
24 Hour Rain Fall   0.0 mm

Current Barometric Pressure
1013.44 hPa
Barometer Trend   Rising slowly
Barometer Change   0.24 hPa/hr
Day Max/Min   1014 hPa / 1012 hPa

Current UV and Solar
0 W/m2
Sun Light Level   0 Lux
Hours of sunlight   5.0 hrs
UV Index Level     0.0UVI  Low 

Current Air Quality
14 AQI
Dust (PM2.5)   3.60 ug/m3
Dust (PM10)    12.10 ug/m3
Air Quality Index    Good 

Current Leaf and Soil

Temperature at 5m 10.6°C,  80%
Temperature at 1m 9.4°C,  88%
Leaf Wetness 1m 10.0°C 2, (18% dry)
Leaf Wetness 0m 9.4°C 14, (95% dry)
Soil 10cm depth 10.0°C,  100 VWC (cB)
Soil 20cm depth 10.0°C,  99 VWC (cB)

Current Fire Danger
Based upon today's weather there is a Low Fire Danger (restrictions may apply)


Wind Speed:

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