A new day, a new dawn - Today is:
Current: 17.9°C, Max: 18.5°C, Min: 17.5°C
The current forecast is: Fine weather
Last weather station contact: Friday, 19 January 2018 at 06:28:51. Updated in seconds
Station Forecast: Fine weather | Sunrise: 06:09 | Sunset: 20:46 | Dawn: 05:38 | Dusk: 21:18
Weather Forecast
Temperature : Current trend is Rising, changing by +0.1 °C/hr  17.9°C, 100%   Pressure : Current trend is Rising slowly, changing by 0.30 hPa/hr  1014.56hPa
Based upon today's weather there is a Low Fire Danger (restrictions may apply)
Fire Ban
Wind Speed :  N  Current wind speed is Calm (F0) from N (0°) 0.0km/h   Wind Gust : Current trend is Steady 0.0km/h
Air Quality :  4 AQI  1.1ug/m3   Rainfall : Current trend is Steady 2.6mm
Sun Light : 759.5Lux, 0.1hrs   Solar UV :  0.1UVI  6W/m2
It feels like 20.7°C. One clothing layer recommended.There will be 1min 45s less daylight tomorrow.

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Extra Ground Temperature, Moisture and Leaf Wetness Sensors

Sky and Ground sensors

Air Temperature @ 5m

19.4°C,  93%









Air Temperature @ 1m









19.4°C,  92%

Leaf Wetness @ 1m

19.4°C, 14 (96% dry)









Leaf Wetness @ 0m









19.4°C, 8 (56% dry)



Soil Moisture @ 10cm



19.4°C,  99VWC(cB)



Soil Moisture @ 20cm



21.7°C,  94VWC(cB)